The playground behind the community center

This is a photo of the street car rails built.

resized_Mohamoud Kodah_0413

An empty baseball field near the Yesler Commuunity Center

This view shows 12th Ave and some of the businesses.

resized_Aden Mohamed-11

Don at the front Desk

Waiting for someone to come back.

A place for kids to play.

resized_Emran Nuru-24

The baseball field at Yesler Terrace

The public art adds to the old community which will soon become new.

Mohamed Mohamed_Bulldozer in Blue

Playground behind the Community Center

Residental Gardens

Mesob Resturant in CD


The construction has been going on for a while. This is for the better.

A box full of hope. Who will open it?

Emran Nuru-9

Residents impowered


Mama Faduma: Together Forever at Home Daycare


Yesler Terrace Youth Media

Documenting the Yesler Terrace redevelopment in Seattle, WA.